CZ 52

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UPC : GDC0000016310
Caliber : 7.62X25MM TOKAREV
Action : SEMI AUTO
Capacity : 8 ROUNDS
Barrel Length : 4.7 BARREL
Weight : 2.2 LBS.
Finish : BLACK

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The CZ 52 or VZ 52 (Vzor means model) is a Czechoslovakian duty sidearm that was used for a large portion of the Cold War. The Czech’s did not like Soviet weaponry, so they made their own SKS, AK, and pistol variants that fired the same cartridges but were designed and manufactured by their own country.

This VZ 52 is chambered in 7.62X25 Tokarev and uses a roller-lock action, a very unique cycling method for a handgun. It makes a great collector piece for history enthusiasts that’s also a pleasure to shoot.

1 magazine included. The finish is pretty worn with some scratches and pitting/rust.