Cimarron Revolving Carbine

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UPC : 814230010674
Caliber : .45 LONG COLT
Action : SAO
Capacity : 6 ROUNDS
Barrel Length : 18″ BARREL
Weight : 3.9 LBS.

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When it comes to nostalgic firearms and their historical significance, Cimarron Firearms makes some of the truest and best available. They also make some fantastic movie reproductions. While this unique firearm didn’t actually exist in the real Old West, it’s inspired by similar black powder versions that were really there. The Cimarron Firearms Revolving Carbine is a movie inspired classic and fan favorite from the old west sagas such as the Man With No Name and Lonesome Dove. It’s now a regular fixture in Cowboy Action Shooting competitions everywhere. Based on the famous Frontier Model revolver, this is a single action revolver with an 18″ barrel and a walnut rifle stock with a brass butt plate. It has the traditional color case hardened frame paired with a blued barrel finish. The longer sight radius makes for excellent shot placement with the notch and blade sights. A spurred trigger guard produces more stability, making this carbine a favorite among Cowboy Mounted Shooters. The Revolving Carbine is ready for Cowboy Action Shooting competitions, hunting heavy cover or just some good ol’ target shooting fun. Regardless of why you need one or maybe you just want one, the Cimarron Firearms Revolving Carbine is an excellent addition to your collection.