08 Maxim with Original Optics and Belt Filling Machine

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C&R Fully Transferable with Original “Sled” Machinegun Mount

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Extremely fine MG08 Maxim machine gun manufactured by D.W.M. in Berlin in 1917. This is an all-original C&R Maxim and appears to have all matching serial numbers except the feed block, lock and barrel. This is an exceptional example of WWI German Maxim machine gun craftsmanship, and is in readily available 8mm Mauser caliber. Mounted on a very clean example of a German WWI sled mount, dated 1918, which includes all the sled-mounted supplementary parts and tools: an extra barrel, two extra Maxim locks, broken shell extractor, cartridge retrieval tongs and chamber cleaning tool. The Sled Mount has the inner armor shield. This MG08 Maxim grouping is a complete set, an outstanding example to be proud of and to enjoy shooting. Yes, it is over one hundred years old. But if it is well cared for, it will still be shooting in another hundred years. Comes with steam hose, 1916 Water Chest with spout, three Turkish aluminum linked belts and a complete WWI Gurtfuller 16 belt-filling machine with its tools, modified by the Turks to also load the aluminum ammunition belts, all fitting in an expertly-made reproduction Kasten wooden chest for the belt-filling machine. Gurtfuller 16s are extremely rare. Also includes a combination hammer/spanner and a muzzle gland that allows slower rate of fire than the Muzzle gland/booster assembly with flash hider, also included. This Maxim comes with an original ZF 12 optical scope in its case. Its optics are excellent but the reticle knob is stuck in mid-range position (a useful position for shooting). With this grouping of parts and accessories, this MG08 Maxim is an exceptional set any collector would be proud to display and to shoot. C&R and Fully Transferable. $32,000

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If you’re considering purchasing a Maxim machine gun, make certain you buy Dolf Goldsmith’s remarkable book, The Devil’s Paintbrush – Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gun. After reading through this masterful study of the Maxim machinegun, and enjoying its many historic photographs, you will be proud to own a WWI German Maxim machine gun.

The thrill is in shooting a machine gun that is one hundred years old. You don’t just stick in a magazine, cock it and pull the trigger, like it’s an M11-9. You have to know how it works. You have to have studied it, taken it apart and put it back together, read about it. You have to understand that machine gun that has lasted a century,… waiting for you.

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